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We are Ramon & Sonia, a husband + wife wedding photographers - videomakers team based in Barcelona with a fresh creative documentary approach. We believe in the power of love and storytelling, we're committed in capturing your essence and all the excitement of that special day in a unique stylish way.

We like couples who really appreciate photography and choose quality over quantity.

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Vacation Photographer in Cinque Terre


is my passion

I’m Ramón Xavier Narder Reyes. I was born in Caracas from a bloodline heritage that blends Venezuelan, Colombian and Italian. I’m a creative, positive, dreamer that believes in friendship, love at first sight, the realization of dreams, spiritual life, and the energy that connects everything.

Having grown up amongst paintings made by my grandfather and designs by my mother, creativity was engrained in me from an early age. Drawing had been my passion since childhood until I owned my first camera and I have since never looked back.

It seemed a natural step for me to combine photography with joy, friendship, the pleasure of traveling and curiosity. Those are a few things that I experience in every marriage, in the passion of a couple, the love of a mother, and moments captured in perfect harmony…

Being a destination wedding photographer is more than my profession... it is my way of life.


Vacation Photographer in Portofino

My name is Sonia Waleska Gómez and I was born in Caracas, Venezuela on November 10th, 1987. Since childhood I have loved art. I used to paint pottery that I would sell to friends in order to buy more brushes, and paints… and of course candy! At 16 I began college and five years later got a degree in Integral Education, a beautiful career that has influenced my way of looking at life.

In my 20’s I met a neighbor, an intelligent and extremely handsome man that I fell in love at first sight. That was Ramón, a bohemian photographer and a dreamer. With him I discovered the beauty of photography and have since been dedicated 1000% to this beautiful art.

I deeply love my husband, my three cats and my profession! Documenting the stories of couples who love each other as we do are one of my greatest passions. Sharing with you that special day will be the opportunity to capture unique moments that reflect the love you feel for each other...

Meet the team behind the lens: Your professional photographer in Barcelona

Welcome to our world of storytelling through lenses! We are a passionate duo of photographers in Barcelona who are dedicated to preserving the uniqueness of your special occasions in this vibrant city.

We believe that every occasion is unique, and it is our privilege to be the ones who capture its essence. Our journey as photographers allows us to be part of your story, to capture those fleeting moments and make them timeless.

From the loving glances shared during a proposal to the radiant smile of an expectant mother, we freeze these emotions in time.

With each shot, we aim to paint a vivid picture of your emotions, ensuring that your story is narrated through photographs that resonate for generations.

Creating visual stories in the heart of Barcelona

Barcelona is more than just a location; it is a canvas that blends our creativity with your memories. Our lens becomes a vessel that encapsulates the love, laughter, and joy that define your special day.

Our passion lies in creating images that reflect the essence of Barcelona and the heart of your story. We don't just click a shutter; we create an artistic portrayal of your journey.

Whether you are a local or a visitor, our goal is to make every photograph a window to the magic that is Barcelona.

Preserving your precious memories

As photographers in Barcelona, we understand the city's charm and its significance in your journey.
Our approach is personal, making sure that your story shines through each photograph.

We invite you to join us in a visual voyage, where your moments are transformed into a gallery of emotions and stories, set against the backdrop of the city that makes them even more specials.

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